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formal His diary included comments on affairs/matters of state (= information about government activities).
If a king, queen, or government leader does something in state, they do it in a formal way as part of an official ceremony:
State events are formal official ceremonies that involve a leader of a country or someone who represents the government:
Some economists are predicting that public finances will return to a healthy state within five years.
In December 1991, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was broken up into fifteen independent states.
They hope to reduce dependence on the state by paying benefits only to those whose income falls below a new, higher tax threshold.

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If they wish to work in the States again, they must show proof of employment with a US-based employer.
state that The rules state that the directors are required by law to prepare financial statements for each financial period.
state a fact/opinion I wasn”t criticizing the way you run the department; I was merely stating facts.
a stated commitment/goal The central bank”s stated goal is to keep the inflation rate between 1 and 3%.
Time deposits are non-negotiable deposits maintained in a banking institution for a specified period of time at a stated interest rate.

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A fund with a 50% turnover has bought and sold half of the value of its total investment portfolio during the stated period.
State and local governments also have considerable regulatory authority over granting siting permits necessary for the operation of many types of facilities.
Meanwhile, the state granted tracts of land to nobles or permitted them to purchase land in what had become the old borderlands.
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Although it is rarely clearly stated, we implicitly have a predicate whose result tells us when an abstract value permits strictness optimisations.
There are three fields of language planning – status, corpus, and, acquisition – and three types of actors: individuals, communities, and states.


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