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Subdural hematoma, normal pressure hydrocephalus, and brain tumours are rare conditions treatable by neurosurgery.

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Another patient developed a hematoma at the site of the arterial sheath, and this had to be removed surgically.
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Complications that are reported include infection, hematomas and bleeding, lead dislodgement and migration, cardiac perforation, pleural effusion and pneumothorax, and device dysfunction/malfunction of generator.
The electroencephalogram was very poor, and a cerebral computerized tomographic scan revealed an occipital hematoma.
The complications encountered included hematomas in three patients, bleeding requiring thrombin treatment in one patient, and incidental biopsy of areola in one patient requiring plastic surgery repair.
No evidence of infection was found and it was considered that the low grade pyrexia had been due to the large hematoma within the false aneurysm.
Krashkova was hospitalized with open fractures of the skull, wounds to the head and face, multiple bruises and hematomas.
A brain scan was conducted the next day, and it revealed that a 3 centimeter wide subdural hematoma was pushing 1.5 centimeters into his brain.
Epidural hematoma involves bleeding into the area between the skull and the dura mater, the outermost of the three membranes surrounding the brain.

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Recipient-site complications are (total or partial) flap necrosis, wound infection, dehiscence, hematoma or skin graft failure.
Acute subungual hematomas are quite painful, and are usually treated by releasing the blood by creating a small hole in the nail.
When lacerations fill with blood, the result is pulmonary hematoma, a collection of blood within the lung tissue.


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