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Bài viết Endorsed là gì – Happymobile.vn thuộc chủ đề về Thắc Mắt đang được rất nhiều bạn lưu tâm đúng không nào !! Hôm nay, Hãy cùng HappyMobile.vn tìm hiểu Endorsed là gì – Happymobile.vn trong bài viết hôm nay nha !
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An endorsement is also a public statement, esp. by someone who is famous, that the person uses or likes a particular product:
a statement made by someone in an advertisement, especially a well-known person, saying that they use and like a particular product:
The company is considering other marketing tactics like celebrity endorsement and using cartoon characters to promote products.

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Artists and athletes can earn a lot of from brands, film rights, product endorsements, and such things.
an endorsement contract/deal The young swimmer has just signed a lucrative endorsement deal with a well-known swimwear maker.
endorsement of sth The stock exchange was boosted by the central bank”s endorsement of another interest rate cut.

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a government/official/personal endorsement Federal regulators gave their official endorsement to a technology standard for digital TV broadcasts, clearing the way for the next-generation of TV sets.

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endorsement by/from sb The plan, which would require endorsement by the federal government, is unlikely to be approved in its current form.
the act of signing the back of a cheque, bill of exchange, etc. that has your name on it in order to give your permission for it to be paid to someone else:
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Rare is the film adapted from an acclaimed book that has the full and unreserved endorsement of the book”s author, but his one clearly does.


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