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the upper front part of the body of humans and some animals, between the stomach and the neck, containing the heart and lungs:

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a large, strong box, usually made of wood, used for storing goods or possessions or for moving possessions from one place to another:
the upper front part of the body of humans and some animals, between the stomach and the neck, enclosing the heart and lungs:
a large, strong box, usually made of wood, which is used for storing valuable goods or possessions or for moving possessions from one place to another
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Attention is given thus to the regulation of meetings, chests and keys, and the selective discharge of information.
Their shoulders are round and very falling, their chests and hips narrow, their hands and feet very small, their stature from four feet eight inches to five feet one inch.
Although government complaints about the failure of chests to use their income philanthropically may have been accurate in the 1560s, the crisis of the 1570s instigated higher levels of expenditure.
The lure of possible housing profit brought funds out from chests or under mattresses, mobilizing the small funds of widows and the elderly besides those of larger lenders and syndicators.
The rate of import is now 20 chests per month, and it is not at present proposed to vary this amount.
Think of those androgynous beauties, think of the hairy chests, think of the well-muscled, increasingly ostentatious monsters.
Many of them wear three or four medals on their chests in honour of the service that they have given the nation.

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I called on all members to stop playing their cards so close to their chests and start putting them on the table.
If the people who move into the houses are to do other than sit on empty tea chests, they will buy more furniture.
The flat was in a deplorable state with damp running down the walls, and both children had bad chests.
There are still 26,000 chests awaiting sale, worth probably from £6,000,000 to £10,000,000, according to the prices we choose to fix.
I am not at all sure that in many cases they are not very glad to keep the cards close to their chests.


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For a male dancer, a bare chest is not considered in the same light and does not face the same legal restrictions.
She was paralysed from the neck down, had only one kidney, a deformed chest cavity and no urinary system.


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